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The Background-Yogi as well as the sleeping Yogi were created by me. The sleeping one is also available as animated cursor for download ( for WIN95 ... )
download sleeping Yogi as animated cursor (11.9 kB) animated Yogi or zipped ( 941 Byte )

How to install animated cursors under WIN95
dota Jogi with feeling for music
dota "schreger" bird in switzerland ( "schreger" = pun on slanting )
due to his own statement the only real Jogi ( which is naturally not believed by me )
dot but he has his own Domain
dot another Swiss from ETH Zurich ( Joannes Graf )
dot a Berliner physicist (Joachim Neumann)
dot I couldn't have a look on this page, it needs Netscape 4.0 !
dot THE Biker-Meeting-point in Sleswig (Jürgen Rössig)
dot Jogi Hagenau, a Command & Conquer 2 - Fan
dot Jogi's Biking-World ( Jochen Neubecker, a student from Augsburg)
dot a formula-one fan from Stuttgart
dot Jogi (Johannes Müller) from Kiel, works at the university
dot a "rentable" Jogi with his own transport park
dot due to his own statements : a total useless Homepage !?!
dot Jogi's Worlds ( Juergen Liebermann ) a Fan of Onlie-Art
dot a JoGi from Pakistan with a lot of Info ( even about Pakistan )
yogi And THE only real Yogi

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