Schwimmende Ente J o g i ' s J a n o s c h - P a g e Schwimmende Ente

Although I should have left this age :-)) , I am a great Janosch and Tiger-Duc-Fan. The pictures on this page are from somewhere else in the WWW, but the animated Tiger-Ducs are created by me .

These are also available as animated cursors for download ( for WIN95 ... )
download left running duc as animated cursor (3.3kB) animierte tigerente 1 or zipped (668 Byte)
download sleeping duc as animated cursor (9kB) animierte tigerente 2 or zipped ( 811 Byte )

How to install animated cursors under WIN95

frog on tigerduc frog: smile Tiger Janosch Club

Links to other Janosch-Fans

Britta's Janosch-Page
Christiane Schneider's Janosch-Collage
The Tigerduc and the frog by Florian Mösch
Dictionary of lifestyle by Thomas Breitenbach
and the Janosch-Page of Michael Müller
A real great Page by Karin Groeger ( but long download-time !)

Installation of animated cursors : HOW-TO

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