Versions of my Page

Thu23.11.95 page created with HPW in 5 minutes, very very simple !
Sat 25.11.95 new version with two pictures and some links, in german and english
Sat 25.11.95 replaced bitmap with gif and added team-os2-link
Sat 02.12.95 Added new internal page with two pictures and the counter
Son 10.12.95 Sorry, I forgot to upload the pictures :-)))
Son 28.07.96 Added the Pictures on a own english page, two new links and a new background
Wed 07.08.96 Added the LINUX-Penguin
Feb 98 Total new design with frames, index, Janosch-Page, friends, Dont Panic, Download ...(in german only)
Mon 02.03.98 the downloads did not work...
Tue 03.03.98 added a mailing-list for the download-page
Sat 07.03.98 3 new Jogis and installation-hints for the animated cursors
Mon 16.03.98 a link to Henri, all Jogis only where subframes, this was not wanted !
Thu 19.03.98 english version !
Sat 21.03.98 animted Yogi ( Cursor / Picture )
Tue 31.03.98 Two new Jogi's, some corrections on the english Pages !
Mon 13.04.98 Black-Page ( joke ) and filled the Newseeland-Page with life
Wed 20.05.98 Added the link to Tetsche and the Bill-Pages
Fri 19.06.98 Is windows a virus ( thanks to luidl )
Son 23.08.98 WorkTime32, initial upload
Son 06.09.98 WorkTime32-Bugfix ( crash under NT )
Son 17.01.99 New WorkTime32-Version ( V1.11 ) some new links
Wed 14.07.99 Janosch-Fan-Club, LCC-Win, ... some new links
Tue 31.08.99 Link to Robert Hoelzl
Thu 02.09.99 New Mail, Short-Cuts, Counter on Bill-Page
Wed 01.10.99 WorkTime 32 FAQ
Sun 02.01.00 New Counter for update-page
Sun 30.07.00 Hall of fame

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