alert WorkTime32 Version V1.54 ( 01.10.2000 ) alert

WorkTime V1.54 = first Beta for WorkTime32 V2.00 is available
It still contains some bugs, but these are not worst than the sw-quality you get from professional software-companies ...
Due to this : first public release !
New features:
Features still in :
Simply give it a try, the program itself is only about 90kB, but it needs from now on at least one ( own ) DLL which contains the language-dependent stuff.
Due to this it's now only one selfextracting EXE, which contains the english and the german version together with the help in both languages.

WTIME32WorkTime32 V1.54, first BETA for V2.00 as selfextracting EXE( 270kB)
Screen-Shots of WorkTime32

Old Versions

WorkTime32, english help, as ZIP-File( 83kB) WTIME32 or as selfextracting EXE (118 kByte)
WorkTime32, german help, as ZIP-File( 84kB) WTIME32 or as selfextracting EXE (120 kByte)

Rated: on freeware32
Rated: on

animated cursors

download left running duc as animated cursor (3.3kB) animierte tigerente 1 or zipped (668 Byte)
download sleeping duc as animated cursor (9kB) animierte tigerente 2 or zipped ( 811 Byte )
download sleeping Yogi as animated cursor (11.9 kB) animated Yogi or zipped ( 941 Byte )

Download all 3 zipped together (2.3 kB)

Computer-Switchon-Time-Registration (DOS/WIN/WIN95)

This "time-registration" consists of two parts:

If you call PUTRTC in the AUTOEXEC, it will write the time into the alarm-registers of the RTC until you switch off the computer.
After switch-off the RTC contains in its ( not activated ) alarm-registers the time at which the switch-off happened.
If - on the next switch-on - you call before start of PUTRTC ( means: in the AUTOEXEC as well ) the "evaluation"-Tool GETRTC, you have both relevant times in the log-file.

The idea to this tool came from the article: "Stechuhr" in c't 11/94 on page 248
This TOOL works even under WIN31/WIN95 !

Download GETRTC/PUTRTC ( ZIP :17kB )
Download GETRTC/PUTRTC mit Sourcen( ASM/C) ( ZIP :26kB )

Intel-HEX-File-DIFF ( WIN95)

Crashes the system, is not complete switched to WIN32, I am working on it ...


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